MPEN Dearest Pure Oil Massage Pen

MPEN Dearest Pure Oil Massage Pen


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  • Dearest Pure Grape Seed Massage Pen(8ml):

  • -Base Oil: Grape Seed Oil from Italy.

  • -Essential Oil: Choices from below (from France):

    i. Lavender

    ii. Magnoliae (Smell like Shower Gel)

    iii. Honeysuckle (Smell like Baby Powder)

    iv. Tea Tree

    v. Grapefruit

    vi. Rose Geranium

    vii. Bergamot

    vii. Clary Sage

  • -100% Pure Essential Oil.

  • -Avoid contact with eyes.

  • -Keep out of reach of children & pets.

  • -If you are allergic to oil, please consult your family doctor.

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